So I had a dream…

That I had my baby girl…
I was breastfeeding in my dream.

It made me feel much more confident. I can’t wait for September 💜

I haven’t been keeping up with posting…

I have been working a ton lately and I have to work around 4 different peoples schedules to get my shit done like doctors appointments and lab work ( I FAILED my one hour glucose test again btw) it’s just been so so crazy I have no time to breathe.

I work 3:30-9:30 today, 10-4 tomorrow and then I’m off but my phone service will be shut off…

I never win!!
Also I’m supposed to be 30 weeks but evidently I conceived my baby during my period and I’m only 27 weeks because my baby is small…

Did I mention this already?….

I think I might have.

Ugh I need to rest my brain.


So. I had a baby appointment today and apparently I am anemic, I’ve lost weight and the baby is measuring small so my due date has been pushed to October 5th


Also I have my glucose test Monday 👎

My mother in law was really pushing on getting a bassinet and a crib.


I don’t really understand why both would be needed… I have always just seen people with cribs.

Is the bassinet more useful for a newborn because they are smaller?

Can anyone help me with this?

I would say a bassinet’s only more “useful” quality would be the ability to just pull it right alongside your bed for easier access to your baby at night, I suppose they could also like to be more confined as well but if you started from day one letting your baby experience a crib then both won’t be necessary, I hated our bassinet! And he outgrew it so fast. I also bed-shared with him at first so he was used to the large amount of open space around him.