I really hate the tumblr app sometimes…

Like when my finger slightly touches the screen and jumps back to the top….

Fuck. That.

I spend 20-30 mins scrolling through my dash only to be put back at the top to look at all the shit I just looked at.



This way people can see they’re not alone. I have them and this would help me see that.

(via 17andpreggers)

Was in the ER last night

For a stomach virus that’s been ruining my life the past 3 days.

Good news is they found the baby’s heartbeat…which was terribly painful because they had to push so hard on my previous c-section scars…ouch.

Anyways, 154bpm
She was so proud to find it because L and D said it was too early to find heart tones…she proved them wrong.

Still kinda feeling like crap today..

My life….

Is the biggest hugest mess right now.

I can’t even think straight…

I’m so confused as to how so many bad things can all happen at once.

Can someone come kill me? I won’t tell on you :(